I wonder what’s “in store” Samsung.

Despite the fact that before the announcement of Galaxy Note9 remained little more than a week, the leaks about the smartphone continue to arrive punctually. This time insiders are published in the Network “live” video, which showed the features of novelty design.

In the video, which store MobileFun has received from its source in China, captured Galaxy Note9. The unit has a recognizable design line of Galaxy Note. The novelty is very similar to Galaxy Note8, except for a few moments.

At first glance, the width and the thickness of the Galaxy Note9 was slightly larger than its predecessor. This is due to the increased capacity of the battery novelties. This drew the attention of both insiders and Samsung, posting a video on Youtube about the battery.

Also the Galaxy Note9 slightly changed the layout of the major components. The lower frame of the display was already, and a fingerprint scanner new items moved just below the main camera. This will prevent any touching of her lens, that in his time complained, some owners of Galaxy Note8 when you unlock the smartphone.

Source: SamMobile


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