For 2018 residents of Novosibirsk has spent on the purchase of smartphones more than 7 billion rubles.

To such conclusions experts of the United company of Coherent | Euronetwork — they analyzed the market in Siberia and in particular in Novosibirsk.

“The residents of Novosibirsk, in turn, for 2018 bought 449 thousand smartphones in the amount of 7.3 billion rubles. Market volume in units in the capital of Siberia decreased by 2%, in the money increased by 13%,” — said the press service of the company.

Only last month 2018 Novosibirsk bought 54 thousand of the smartphones in the first 11 months, the number was 395 million (6.4 billion rubles).

In the whole of Siberia, the inhabitants bought 3.7 million smartphones in the $ 52 billion. The market has shown growth year-on-year in units of 2%, and in money — 19%.

Most often, in 2018, the Siberian consumers prefer smartphones Huawei/Honor — their share in units for the year was 29% gadgets Samsung accounted for 23% of the total, 10% of smartphone purchases in Siberia had on the Apple iPhone.

The top five in units for 2018 were also Chinese brands Xiaomi and BQ-Mobile shares 5% and 4% respectively. In terms of rubles, the greatest weight had Apple and Huawei/Honor — each of these brands accounted for only 27.3% of the total sales in money, the share of Samsung for the 2018 was 26.5%, the fourth with a share of 4% was Xiaomi, the fifth — place Nokia, which occupied 2% of the Siberian market of smartphones in the money.

Among the models that have recently appeared on the market, NGS talked about the brand phone “Yandex” and about a series of new iPhones, which in September announced a pre-order.

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