Portal PhoneArena has published a selection of renders of the future XI the iPhone with iOS 13 and dark theme. It is noted that this is an unofficial image, based on drawings and other data leaked. The same is true for night mode OS.

It is relevant for devices with OLED screens, where to reduce the consumption of the battery. Given that such displays are used in almost all top models of the iPhone, the interest in this from Apple is understandable.

Note that a dark or night theme is not just inverted day. Instead of color icons can be used analogues in shades of gray or muted colors. While it is difficult to tell how realistic this mode will save power, but the fact of the occurrence of the trend on the night themes in operating systems and applications is undeniable.

For the first time for the Cupertino dark theme appeared in macOS Mojave last year. However, earlier counterparts were already in Windows and Linux. The release of iOS 13 is expected in September of this year, and the beta version can release in June. The emergence of native themes night expect in the Android Q this year.

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