To fix iPhone officially will be easier.

Russian users of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac will be able to officially fix their devices in stores “M. Video”. The company announced the launch of its authorized service centers Apple, which will provide the opportunity to receive the qualified help of specialists.

M. Video will start to open official service centers of Apple in their stores gradually. The first two STS will be opened in Moscow shopping center “Mebelgrad” and “Fleet”. They will be able to contact all users of Apple technology, regardless of which store they bought their device.

In the future the project “M. Video” will be started in other cities. The rate of opening of the service centres will depend on the demand of users. Given that M. Video will become the first major retailer with the ability of the official repair, demand will be huge.

Analysts believe that the project “M. Video” will be successful only if the service centers will be opened in many large cities. Under this condition, users of Apple technology will be able to get expert assistance with maximum convenience.

Previously, Apple has launched in Russia a quick repair display iPhone in the same day.

Source: Kommersant.


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