A new initiative of the Russian authorities.

The Russian government has officially approved the rules that will be verified users of messaging. Under the new rules, which will come into effect from may 5, 2019, users will have to confirm your identity to continue using messenger. To check the correctness of the data provided are the messengers by querying subscriber information in the database of the cellular operator.

In the document published on the portal of legal information, describes in detail the new rules identify users of instant messengers.

According to the idea of the authorities, the messengers will automatically determine the identity of the user. When the user will register or login in messenger, the app will send its data to the cellular operator for verification. The operator must respond to such request within 20 minutes and give the answer — whether a phone number is registered on the person.

If the test is successful, the database of the cellular operator an entry about how the messenger used by the subscriber. If the user is not authenticated then use the messenger will not work. When registering or logging into messenger, a user will see an error message.

The document also considered the actions of the operators and messengers in case the subscriber refuses the service operator. In such cases, the operator must notify the messenger of resignation of the subscriber during the day. Messenger, in turn, flags the user as requiring re-identification.

Source: gov.ru.


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