Apple is trying to get rid of the necessity to use OLED displays from Samsung, but it will have to wait until 2019 because LG still can not produce a sufficient number of screens, reports The Bell.

According to rumors, LG is the second supplier of screens for a 6.4-inch iPhone X Plus. A photograph of the screen hit the Internet in early 2018. But apparently, this was a test batch, created to LG, Apple has proved that it can produce components of adequate quality.

It is expected that Samsung will produce 75 million OLED displays for iPhone 2018. LG will be responsible for a small party of 2-4 million screens. This is due to the fact that LG failed the test of mass production. It is scheduled for September 2018.

In this regard, The Bell suggests that LG will be used as a display supplier for service centers. Its screens will be installed instead of broken displays Samsung.

Apple is constantly looking for new partners to get rid of dependence on Samsung because the screen is one of the most expensive items in the phone. According to rumors, the third supply OLED displays can become a Chinese company BOE. But it will not happen before 2020.


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