On augmented reality Apple will earn $11 meganisyou own engine ARKit, Apple almost secured their supremacy in the brand new mobile industry. Analysts at major us Bank Merril Lynch has published the estimated earnings projections for Apple in this industry.

Minimal Apple’s revenue from AR will be in the range of $6 to $8 billion it is interesting that only $1 billion profit from AR applications. The rest of the money will be received due to the growth in demand for the iPhone.

All over the world now sold more than 1 billion mobile devices by Apple. The field for the development of new technologies, the company simply enormous.

The fact that augmented reality technology will become a key feature of the iPhones. People would be willing to buy an iPhone only because this implementation of AR no products on the market.

The optimistic forecasts for augmented reality Apple can easily earn more than $11 billion in the short term. Analysts believe that this will happen before 2020.


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