Statistics are impressive.

Apple has published fresh usage stats of the various versions of iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch worldwide. According to the report Apple, at the end of February 2019 running iOS 12 operates 80% of all mobile devices.

A significant portion of users remain on iOS 11 — share firmware 12%. On previous versions of iOS still has 8% of the devices.

However, the iOS figure 12 is a record for recent years. For comparison, a year earlier iOS 11 was installed 65% of all Apple mobile devices. The reason is not the fastest updates users on iOS 11 was the fact that the operating system was not stable, and performance. Apple developers were able to rectify the situation only to the latest builds of iOS 11.

Apple also announced that iPhone and iPad released in the last four years, updated to iOS 12 a little faster. Share firmware on such devices is 83%.

Currently, Apple is actively developing iOS 13. According to insiders, iOS 13 will become a truly major update. The firmware is expected the appearance of a dark theme interface, updated menu, adjust the volume, the completely redesigned home screen of the iPad and many other novelties.


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