A record figure in recent years.

iOS 12 continues to break records of previous versions of iOS to attract more users. According to the latest statistics from research firm Mixpanel, by the end of November 2018 12 iOS was installed on more than 75% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The second version of the mobile operating system of Apple is iOS 11 with a share of 19.46%.

iOS 12 — very fast and quite stable firmware for the iPhone and iPad, which is devoid of truly serious shortcomings. One significant problem for users on iOS 12 can be noted relatively rarely occurring bug with connecting to Wi-Fi and LTE. The rest of iOS 12 happy, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.

And these reviews, see the iPhone and iPad users, who continue to go to iOS 12. By the end of November iOS 12 is set to 75% of all Apple mobile devices. For comparison, last year’s iOS 11 managed to reach such a level only by the end of December.

In the next few months on iOS 12 will be transferred more and more users. It is known that in iOS 12.2, which is currently not even launched in beta, there will be several new features. Innovations certainly will attract new users who remain on iOS 11 or older versions of iOS.

Source: Mixpanel.


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