The company demanded to remove songs from the iTunes and Google audiotec plау, as she gets too few deductions, reports today, March 18, “5th channel”.

According to the channel, the company’s “Music law” (Moroz Records) in 1990-ies the widow of Victor Tsoi Mariana allegedly transferred the rights to all songs of group “Cinema”. But it is possible that the right to work “Cinema” “Music law” do not belong.

In 2017, the son and the father of Viktor Tsoi regained the rights to all his nine albums and almost a hundred songs of the band. According to the Russian authors ‘ society (RAO), son Alexander now owns three quarters of the share of the creative heritage of the singer, father Robert Maximovich — fourth part. “Music rights” rights left. But press reports suggest that in the case of persistence of the producers of services “from sin” to remove music from public access.

According to the TV, if that happens, that is if Apple and Google will close down access to music Tsoi will remain “Yandex. Music, Music Mail.Ru” service and Sound, where the recording of “Movies” to remove so far no plans.

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