The Apple Music subscribers will be happy.

Apple plans to greatly improve search engine music Apple Music. Today it became known that Apple has acquired companies like Asaii, which has developed a unique technology for finding and recommending music based on artificial intelligence. In future versions of iOS, this technology should become available to iPhone users.

Technology Asaii searches for music, given the preferences of each specific user. The search engine finds the exact recommendations are not only analyzing artists and genres, like the man, but collecting various data from popular streaming services and social networks. Asaii tracks Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Asaii is famous for the fact that it finds the next global hits a few weeks before they hit the charts. It happens just the same with social network analysis, where the potential hits from as yet unknown artists get positive feedback.

Apple took over a company Asaii $100 million it is Expected that next versions of iOS technology Asaii will be integrated into Apple Music.

Source: axios.


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