On the website of the U.S. Patent and trademark Office published an Apple application for a recognition system user for Mac, and the algorithms to control computer using gestures.

Many iPhone users X note the speed and convenience of the system Face ID, say that you’ll never return to the Touch ID and want to see other Apple gadgets, equipped TrueDepth.

Apparently, Apple decided to listen to consumers and have developed a system for contactless recognition of the user’s Mac.

According to the patent application, while in sleep mode, Apple computers can use your camera to search. To perform such actions in the background will not need a lot of energy. First, the computer should detect a person’s face, and then run an energy-intensive process of recognition. Upon learning of the owner, Mac come out of sleep mode.

Also Apple engineers intend to implement gesture control. The invention belongs to the company PrimeSense, which managed to create a Microsoft Kinect before was bought by Apple in 2013.

Depth maps can be used for segmentation and identification of objects located in front of the computer. The ability to recognize the human figure is useful in order to teach the Mac to understand the special gestures.

It is not known how soon the new inventions will appear in Apple technology, and whether the gadgets with similar items released on the market ever.


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