Apple should think.

The flagship Samsung smartphone will receive a battery based on graphene in the next two years. Using the revolutionary technology will provide the batteries, the South Korean smartphone number of advantages — record capacity, maximum safety and the possibility of ultrafast charging.

Battery based on graphene will charge approximately five times faster than is required to recharge a standard lithium-ion battery pack. The battery based on graphene need only twelve minutes. There is no doubt that the battery based on graphene will be an important competitive advantage of Samsung smartphones in their confrontation with iPhone 2019.

Also graphene battery will boast an increased service life and maximum safety during the operation of the smartphone. The last point is extremely important for Samsung, which after the release of Galaxy Note7 faced with the problem of mass explosions of batteries.

It is not excluded that the revolutionary batteries will first appear in the Galaxy Note10, the output of which is to be held in August next year. At the same time when the production of batteries based on graphene will be released on the planned volumes, their cost will drop significantly.

Source: Twitter


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