In recent years, many industry experts and research companies lowered their expectations related to the sales of iPhone and price of Apple shares. On the days his predictions about the future of Apple company shared the company Jefferies. Looking ahead, we can say that it also lowered their forecasts for the cost shares of the iPhone maker.

According to analysts at Jefferies, in the first quarter of 2019, the company Apple will sell 72 million smartphones. Total sales reached 206 million iPhone. While more recently, analysts say the higher figures. In its latest forecast, they lowered the forecast on sales of the iPhone at 3% and Apple’s profits by 4%.

The analysts at Jefferies believe that Apple still have enough chances to rectify the situation. This can help cupertinos corporate services – such as payment system, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Music, App Store and more. Net profit from additional services and reduce dependence on the iPhone could have a positive effect on growth stocks.


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