Google has made a gift to the iPhone owners.

One of the main innovations of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR is a function of “Depth”. It allows users to change the background blur in portrait photos after the fact. However, as it turned out, Apple could implement a similar feature on older iPhone models. Today it is proved by Google, which has added to the iOS app “Google Photos” ability to change the bokeh effect on portrait photos.

The analogue of the function “Depth” from Google works very simply. Users need only to add a portrait photo to the app “Google Photos”, go to edit mode of the image and using the sliders to adjust the effect depth.

Tools apps Google Photos allow you to change the blur and depth in portrait shots. Similar opportunities and provides a function of “Depth”, available exclusively on the newest iPhone models.

Starting today, you can have more control over your portrait photos. Use our new depth editor to adjust the background blur and change the focus in just a few taps.

Works with portrait photos on Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Moto phones like the Moto G6.

— Google Photos (@googlephotos) October 9, 2018

Note that the iPhone with dual cameras was very disappointed that Apple has implemented support for “Depth” only on the new iPhone. Immediately after the presentation of iPhone XS iPhone XS and XR Max iPhone towards the Apple has fallen a lot of criticism for that controversial decision.

Source: Google.


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