The owners recently appeared in the sale of the acclaimed OnePlus 6 faced with a serious problem. The glass body of the device was too sensitive.

Several users of the smartphone has created on reddit posts, which complained about the new acquisition. Their gadgets have started to crack without any apparent reason. On the side of the OnePlus 6, where are the volume keys, several people appeared large cracks. They are visually similar to the investigation of a serious fall, but the owners of the gadget say that they carried smartphones in their cases and the most carefully treated. Besides, couldn’t several people to drop the smartphone on the same place and even with the same degree of damage.

“Guys, look. Glass rear panel 6 OnePlus too fragile. I use the gadget on the first day of sales and at the same time wear it in the official case. I often take it out of case to clean. As it so happened, that today it is cracked. I didn’t drop it. I found a similar post from another user with the same problem. Is that an engineering error or a marriage?”, – wrote one of the owners of OnePlus 6.

The forum has already accumulated a few such records. Each describes an identical problem. The manufacturer of the smartphone to this point did not respond and has offered customers an exchange or repair.


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