Need luck and a lot of free time.

Chinese company OnePlus has launched a special promo page where everyone can try their luck and win a “killer flagships” OnePlus 6T. All that is required is to “tap” the screen of the smartphone, hoping to catch a fortune by the tail.

Promo page is located at The slogan of the page “Unlock your speed”. In order to participate in this promotion, you must leave your e-mail and actively click on the screen of your smartphone.

The number of “taps” is fixed, and the transition from one level to another is possible only after the achievement. On the first level you must do 60 taps, and the second — 60 thousand taps. Every twenty-four hours in the company choose the winner, who will get OnePlus 6T after the announcement.

OnePlus likes to warm up the hype before the presentation of new products. In September 2018 OnePlus together with Google released Crackables game in which you need to hack the code to get a prize. The game is also timed to coincide with the announcement of OnePlus 6T.

Source: OnePlus


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