In 2018, the business of MTS in Russia has shown positive dynamics of revenues in all segments except the fixed business. Revenue grew by 8.4% in annual terms and reached 480,3 billion rubles, reported in the financial report of the company. The results of the mobile business show high performance, due to trends towards healthier market and the increasing use of data services. However, the subscriber base for the fourth quarter of 2018 decreased by 0.4%, to 78 million subscribers, due to lower sales of SIM cards. The impressive growth of 31.7% showed revenue from sales of goods, including phones, accessories and software. The most effective way to attract customers was the program cashback in 2018 half of all smartphones in the MTS retail chain was acquired in the framework of this program. Sales leaders are the smartphone brands Huawei, Samsung and Apple. MTS continued to strengthen leadership in the e-commerce segment. The volume of online sales exceeded 6.9 billion rubles, which is 33.8% more than in 2017. In the online store launched two new services — processing online orders for B2B customers and trade-in calculator. Alexey Root, President and CEO of MTS: We have made considerable progress towards realizing our strategy the digital transformation of the business and significantly strengthened position in the Russian market of devices. At the same time, our main telecommunications business continues to grow due to the General price situation in Russia and the steady growth of Internet use in all markets where the Group operates. During the year we successfully worked on the implementation of a digital strategy and expanding activities into new directions. MTS has taken a number of important strategic steps to create a digital ecosystem for our clients. In 2018, we obtained control in MTS Bank, which allows us to efficiently bring to market new products in digital banking. In addition, MTS launched a number of innovative services in the field of B2C is an online school Smart University services telemedicine SmartMed. In the report of MTS reduced the estimate of additional investment required to meet the “Spring law”, up to 50 billion rubles for five years with 60 billion RUB over the same period. According to “the law of Spring” from 1 July 2018, operators should keep phone calls, text messages, images, sounds, videos, and other electronic messages of users.

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