Google has partnered with several technology companies to develop secure chips with open source.

The aim of the new coalition is the creation of robust chip designs for use in data centers, servers and peripheral devices that are installed in critical areas. A completely open circuitry of the chip will allow any qualified specialist to test them for vulnerabilities and backdoors.

The project is called OpenTitan. The company intends to use it in their smartphones running Android, as well as hardware security keys. Google said OpenTitan will be managed by a non-profit community LowRisc. Among the partners is called ETH Zurich, G & D Mobile Security Nuvoton Technology and Western Digital.

At the same time declared the possibility of adapting OpenTitan almost any device or software. Note that similar technologies from other companies. This, for example, the Open Compute supported by Facebook, Intel and Google. His task is to ensure the security of the underlying infrastructure in data centers.

Apple also has its own security chip T2, which is in the latest MacBook and iMac.

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