Opera released a new browser for iPhone — it is very fast

Opera Touch is the new high speed browser for iPhone.

The company Opera launched its new Opera browser Touch for iPhone and iPad. According to employees of the company, Opera Touch is a very easy, fast and safe browser, which is perfectly adapted for all iPhone and iPad models including the latest iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone.

Opera Touch realized one very unusual for a browser solution. The application has a special floating button “Fast action”, which aims to simplify and accelerate the work with the browser. Button located at the bottom of the display and allows you to quickly perform various actions: searching information on the Internet, open and close tabs in the browser, navigate through web pages and more.

The upper part Opera Touch also is quite original. At the top of the application window you can find buttons for quick return to the top of the page and navigate to previously opened sites.

Regarding security, in Opera Touch features ad-blocking and a special system of protection from covert mining of crypto-currencies on the user’s mobile device.

Opera Touch supports My Flow that allows you to transfer links, images and notes between devices installed on the browser. The first Opera users Touch especially noted that the speed of opening web pages is really very high.

Opera Touch is available for download on iPhone and iPad from the App Store for free.

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