In the last few weeks the network has a host of complaints from disgruntled owners of iPad Pro iPad Pro 2017 and 2018. In most cases, users complain of twitching the image on the screen and malfunction of the sensor.

According to available data, standard methods of dealing with software bugs do not help to cope with problems. Many believe that the screens in iPad Pro to stop working due to a hardware defect. However, there are those who are confident in the software cause glitches on the screen. In favor of this the reviews say that the display of the tablet stops to hang out and begins to correctly respond to the press if connected to the iPad Pro Apple Pencil.

It is noteworthy that even full replacement warranty tablet does not guarantee that the problem with the screen will disappear. Users have noted that using the time after the replacement iPad Pro screen again started to work unstable — there was a delay, unresponsiveness and random clicking on the virtual keyboard.

Cupertinos has not commented on the situation.


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