Just as parents raise children tutoring in mathematics and Russian, some moms and dads negotiate with private coaches for the game Fortnite – reports Business Insider.


As it turned out, many adolescents are under pressure because of poor skill game in the popular shooter. In order to help their children to cope with school conflict, parents are willing to pay $ 35 per hour (about 2,200 rubles) professional trainers for the training game.

“Guys, they need not just to play, and play at a very high level,” said one mother from England. “You can’t imagine what it’s really like my child in school.”

Parents find coaches Fortnite in social networks or on special coaching sites like Gamer Sensei, where the cost of the service varies between 15 and 35 dollars per hour for Fortnite tutorials. Many moms and dads even hope that children acquired skills will help the children to become professional players.

For many new trend came as a shock – usually, the coaches on the various shooters were hired only by adult enthusiasts and young people seeking to become professionals:

“My dad would never have paid for lessons of video games,” said Logan Werner, 18-year-old coach Fortnite and professional gamer in Utah, USA.


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