The company M Science monitors data on sales volumes and number of activations of mobile devices. Their new report confirms the findings Counterpoint about the incredible popularity of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

In early July, Counterpoint reported that worldwide sales of the iPhone 8 has surpassed the demand for such flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9 iPhone X. In one study it is difficult to believe, but fresh information from other independent companies — M Science — confirms the correctness of the conclusions.

Experts have analysed statistics of sales of the iPhone 8. First smart phones this model sold slowly, many users expect when the stores arrive iPhone X. But, since the first months of 2018, the demand for iPhone 8 continues to increase.

In may 2018 and iPhone 8 and iPhone X sold better than the iPhone 7 in may 2017. Apple managed to sell 3 percent more units of the new models.

“According to our data, over the last four weeks sales of new devices has accelerated and exceeded sales of the iPhone 7 in the same period last year by 14%.

Of course, the weekly trends of sales is quite subjective and can vary greatly. But if the trend persists over time, it allows to predict the demand for the entire quarter,” the report reads M Science.

Sale of old models of gadgets — the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE — decreased by 5%. But the share of the iPhone 6 accounted for 5% and 10% of global sales for may of 2017 and 2018, respectively. Particularly well this smartphone is sold in conjunction with prepaid contracts and in emerging markets.

According to another report, M Science, in General, people are less likely to change their iPhone. For example, if in a super-cycle of 2014-2015, the average duration of use a single smartphone was 667 days, in 2018, the majority of iPhone owners changes no more than once in 727 days — almost two years. Large and the proportion of those who used the phones longer, especially if the machine is not satisfactory or the device was purchased in installments from the mobile operator.


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