Photo from Experts of the popular front has decided to learn opinion of citizens on the work of the employment service. To achieve this, the onf has launched a survey in a mobile application of “people’s control”.

The main objective of the study is to find out whether citizens services of employment of the population, to assess the degree of satisfaction with these services, and to identify the main wishes of the people.

The people of Russia often complain of work of employment services, noted that many jobs they are not interested, according to the Ministry of economic development.

A similar service has closed on its traditional functions. Their information activity is often reduced to a simple aggregation of data from files, and to improve methods of internal control not enough money”, — said the coordinator of the onf project “Prestazioni” Ilya Semin.

Recall that a mobile app onf “people’s control” was presented on November 29, 2018 Program, which is available in Google Play and Apple Store, gives the opportunity for everyone to trace the progress of the may presidential decree in the regions, how it affects the quality of life of Russians the results of 12 national projects, and to take part in this great and important work.

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