Resource Slashleaks published a thumbnail of the supposedly new multimedia player from Apple. We are talking about the iPod Touch, the seventh generation. The source of the leak is not reported.

The new attribute screen diagonal of 4.9 inches. At the rear, judging by the sketch, placed a single camera with flash and also a place for the antenna. Visually a missing neck under 35 mm connector for headphones. However, the company from Cupertino is quite successful fights with these connectors, because nothing surprising here.

According to the informant network Ben Heskin, this image does not reflect the real situation, in other words, it is a fake. However, the truth may soon emerge. As expected, March 25, Apple will hold a press conference to present new hardware solutions. It is possible that there will show you iPod Touch, the seventh generation.

Moreover, we note that the sixth generation of media players was introduced in 2015. After that no updates of the model range of the devices was not.

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