In the past Apple representatives repeatedly said that they do not plan to release a hybrid device or be equipped with their computers touch screens. Recently these statements are once again confirmed by Phil Schiller.

According to the Director of marketing for Apple, they don’t want to direct the efforts of engineers that don’t really need customers. The company want to focus on how to make the Mac the best device with a keyboard and trackpad.

In addition, Schiller is confident that hybrid devices will never be better than things created for specific tasks. In the end, the company will continue to release a MacBook and iPad, as two separate devices.

In addition, the marketing Director of Apple said that users should not expect a return to MacBook reader for memory cards. According to Phil Schiller, they have long explored the issue with various ports and came to the conclusion that many clients like to see the MacBook USB-C and Thunderbolt. These connectors allow to transfer data at high speeds and to charge the device.


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