The online service of taxi Uber, seeking to earn the approval of investors and regulators before going to the stock market, the London introduced a new feature.

It will allow the people of London through the app to not only order a taxi, but in real-time to obtain information about the movement of buses, trains, trams, Shuttle and taxi boat. In addition to London, this service is available in Denver, Colorado.

Update functionality means that the Uber app could be a universal resource with information about all types of urban transport and will directly compete with similar platforms such as Citymapper, Google and Apple.

The new function works on data from Transport for London — the organization that is responsible for managing the transport system of greater London. In the development of the company was not involved — all the data is in the public domain. “Our data available to everyone: they are used for their work over 675 applications and websites”, — said the press-Secretary of Transport for London.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote on Twitter that the innovation is intended “to help people to replace a car phone”. For the record, he also pinned the footage, which itself uses updated app.

In the same tweet Khosrowshahi added: “more — more”. However, when the editors of Forbes asked the service representative about the possible appearance of new services in other cities, he refused to comment.

Had the chance to try our new Public Transport option, launching today in #London with live bus and tube times from @TfL in the @Uber app. All part of our goal to help people replace their car with their phone. More to come!

— dara khosrowshahi (@dkhos) April 29, 2019

In London Uber for an adventure ride

Uber arrived in London in 2012. The company is constantly criticized by the drivers of black cabs, London’s legendary taxi who believe that it violates the rules.

In September 2017, Uber denied a license to work in the British capital. Transport for London came to the conclusion that the company is inadequate considering the cases of serious violations by drivers. In addition, the transport controller does not like the approach Uber to pay medical insurance premiums for drivers and the use of secret software app Greyball — it allowed the team to track the orders of officers trying to use the Uber services under the cover to catch on the irregularities.

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Uber challenged the decision on banning work in London, and in July of 2018 Westminster magistrates court granted the company a temporary license for 15 months. The decision of judges, during this period, the service must show that it has corrected the violation.

The editors of Forbes has written to Transport for London asking whether the regulator believes the introduction of a new function step in the right direction. The answer is not forthcoming. But investors innovation just have to like — it demonstrates a significant shift in the strategy of the company. After all, Uber, among other things, was constantly accused of being in London has increased the number of taxis and the result has deteriorated the tube. Database of service in the British capital has more than 110 000 active drivers. “Our services rely 3.5 million people in London, and we are fully aware of what a great responsibility lies on us as a reliable partner is a huge global city,” said David reik, head of the transportation Uber.

Challenges Uber has faced not only in London. Travis Kalanick, Garrett camp, and Ryan graves, Uber was founded in San Francisco in March 2009, and since then in many cities around the world around Uber was a scandal behind the scandal. It even spawned a movement #DeleteUber calling to uninstall the application at all.

Kalanick left the position of General Director of the company in June 2017. His resignation, as reported, demanded a shareholders. In November of the same year became the CEO Khosrowshahi presented the new strategy to “win at any cost”, and outlined new company values, including the principle “we do the right thing”.

Khosrowshahi cites the company’s business in order and planning the placement of shares on the stock exchange ever since, as head of the Uber. Last week, the company announced that it plans to establish a price per share ranging from $44 to $50, based on what the company can be estimated at $83.8 billion

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