6.1-inch iPhone 2018, with the commercial name of which we have not been able to determine, can get double the camera, contrary to rumors. This is indicated by the shape of the case for the future of the smartphone, sales of which began in the American supermarket chain Walmart.

That cover photo is likely authentic, evidenced by his brand. Speck is one of the world leaders in the production of accessories for mobile devices that may serve as indirect evidence of his awareness of the appearance of the future smartphone Apple.

From the information

Practice shows that the Apple from year to year send favourites accessory manufacturers samples of their new devices. Thus the day of the start of sales of the iPhone consumers can purchase not only the smartphone but also for his cover, sticker or protective glass.

In addition to the case for a 6.1-inch iPhone in Walmart the accessories for the model with a display of 6.5 inches. If you believe the comparative images, the dimensions, the future phablet Apple will be more than iPhone X, exactly coinciding with the iPhone 8 Plus, diagonal screen which is a full inch smaller.


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