Between the founder of the music label Black Star and Christina Sargsyan, speaking under the pseudonym Kristina Si scandal broke. Timothy was severely wronged the singer.

Recently, the singer released a new track Mami. Under this name she performed and recorded songs when I was a part of the label Black Star. After her passing in March 2018, the company said that the copyright of the work and pseudonym of the artist remain with the label. Later in February 2019, she said in Instagram that will continue to play under the old alias.

The song of the singer quickly deleted from Apple Music. She later posted on Twitter a link to the lawyer’s opinion, which noted that Black Star had no right to usurp the rights of the alias without her consent.

Now Timothy made a retaliatory move, as they say, a horse. According to the Telegram-channel “Only I…” on YouTube Black Star is completely blocked all the clips Kristina Si. Apparently, the rapper freaked out and saw it was a way out. The scandal is gaining momentum.

Previously, Timothy was the singer wrote a message pretty hard content.

“It is not necessary nor I them more phone calls. Their rights and powers we believe in. Everything else you can try to challenge in court. Good luck,” wrote the rapper Kristine Sargsyan.

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