Many years ago I wanted to find something fresh that wouldn’t look like the style on the radio. I spent two days searching for the programs with the discussion of music. And started to listen to “Hood Hype”, a talk show about hip-hop. Little did I know that this format is broadcast on the network is called podcasting.

Today I will talk about an entirely different program, which showed me that, actually, you can discuss anything. Best of all — that interesting to you. This podcast surprised me with subtle humor and quality writing. So, acquaint you with the “Back to Work”.

Who is a podcast and why listen to him

As the name suggests, this is a podcast about the work. By “work” imply leading a process of self-realization and talking about how to make it more meaningful and effective. Argue based on your own experience.

Presenter — Dan Benjamin (Dan Benjamin), a programmer and web entrepreneur. He started his career with enterprise development, but the corporate environment he soon got bored. To the mid-noughties Dan is already familiar to the audience Apple geeks thanks to Hivelogic. It he led since 2000. When Apple introduced its podcast directory, Dan launched his own gear and became a permanent speaker of The Talk Show.

Dan Benjamin. Source

Then he founded the 5by5, one of the first web-radio stations, and in early 2011, the second birthday 5by5 launched “Back to Work” with Merlin Mannam.

While Merlin (Merlin Mann) wrote a blog called “43 Folders” — discussing issues related to productivity, workflow, and talked about the gadgets. In 2005, he became fascinated with podcasts and transfer “You Look Nice Today” — I will tell about it separately — did Merlin and co-host real web celebrity.

By 2009, Merlin was published in Macworld, Make, and Popular Science. He had the contract for the publication of the book. And he was widely known as a guru of productivity. But despite this status, Merlin had immediately agreed to launch the podcast with Dan.

Merlin Mann. Source

Unlike motivational speakers, Merlin Mann praises #hustle #dailygrind and workaholism. He believes that people should chase after money, and does not offer “easy way” to change lives. His task is to help students to think about how to effectively manage time and resources.

The presenters complement each other. Merlin is a creative person, and Dan is first and foremost a businessman.

By the way, over the past 10 years, he created a podcast Empire — in addition to 5by5, Dan develops hosting for podcasts

The challenges Dan faces during operation are often discussed in the podcast “Back to Work”. We can say that it is — programs, which are pleasant and intelligent people. They are interested in hearing, even if the topic does not seem practical. Of course, the leading is not bypassed Apple web and mobile technology, a topic that brought them today’s fame.

Where to start

For eight years, left more than 400 editions of the podcast, so for the “first dip” I picked up three of the most striking that it is worth listening to in the first place.

Issue 7: “Vocational Wheel” — it Dan and Merlin discuss the quarter-life crisis. Merlin shares his experience and talks about how to choose a career.

Issue 204: “Space Geisha” is about obsessions and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Surprisingly, the discussion of ways of “dealing” with the illness blends in a conversation about sci-Fi film “timecop”.

Issue 414: “Inheritance of Pain” — about the time we spend staring at monitors. Also here touched upon the influence of gadgets on children’s development.

If you enjoy this podcast, and you want to hear some more of his leading, I advise you to pay attention to the following transmission.

“Hypercritical” — until recently, Dan Benjamin has personally led more than half of the podcasts that are coming out on 5by5. One of them was Hypercritical — transfer, which he recorded together with a programmer and journalist John Siracusa. John was famous for his ability to analyze technology and to criticize them without resorting to subjective arguments. It is to this analysis and is devoted to the program. As a starting point I recommend the release of the game console and controllers.

“Roderick On The Line” — a very popular podcast with the participation of Merlin Mann. He runs it in conjunction with musician John Roderick. It’s more comedic and relaxed conversational transmission with a large fan-base. A podcast devoted to the entire book. The efforts of fans supported online encyclopedia about the transfer. By the way, Dan Benjamin also leads a podcast with John, but the popularity to ROTL it still falls short.

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