In 2018, the 7.85 million customers of AlfaStrakhovanie expressed a preference for purchasing online policies. Through the company’s website, mobile app and partners was implemented to 65.1% of the total (of 12.05 million).

EASYGO online purchased 2.83 million customers (36%), insurance policies traveling abroad — 430 thousand (5.5 percent), accident insurance — 200 thousand (2.5 percent).

Buyers products AlfaStrakhovanie available fast payment Android and Apple Pay. The paperwork is accelerated through such services as data persistence companions and their quick AutoFill, scanning documents, autocomplete and renewal of insurance policies for vehicles insured in the company.

As reported by “Uralinformbjuro” the press service of the Company, in a few clicks you can buy easygo, economical products, comprehensive insurance policies from an accident, including new product “Children and sport”. Also issued online insurance leaving abroad, insurance of passengers, the products of voluntary health insurance, including protection from cancer and tick bite, insurance of property, responsibility to neighbors, special programs for tourists. For legal entities available, including insurance of responsibility of tenants for commercial property and cargo insurance for transportation.

“The purchase of insurance policies online helps customers to save time and money, while getting a high level of service and loss adjustment. We work daily on the quality of the services offered by our company to customers, that is why their number continues to grow,” — said the Director of the Department of e-Commerce “AlfaStrahovanie” Anton Kosachev.

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