Album decl “no Matter who’s at the helm”, was released in November 2018, apopa on 5-th place in the Apple music only now, when the artist was not alive, this album took the second place in the iTunes chart. Debut Album “Who? You”, released in 2000, is on the 3rd place in iTunes.

Music Detsl aka Le Truk again became popular after his tragic death. The album soared to the top of the domestic charts. The most popular songs decl Apple music is “Tears”, “Letter” and “Party”. In the first place in the top of iTunes in Russia is an album Elena Temnikova.

Earlier it was reported that a farewell to Declan ended with a loud applause at the funeral in Moscow. Yesterday, February 6 in the big ritual hall of the Central clinical hospital ended the ceremony with a famous rapper Kirill Tolmatsky.

Photo:FederalPress /Eugene Potorochin

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