“Star” made a rating of the most unusual gadgets and inventions. The purpose of some quite clear and others raised some questions.

Sometimes is comes across like a totally useless device. And want to buy it, only “nothing to do”, and after only a week to live without this thing I can’t. Or Vice versa, look at the result of someone’s intellectual activity and the only question is “Why?”. “Star” was the rating of unusual devices and development, which saw the light this year.


Researchers from the Massachusetts technological University have created a flower pot that will move independently to the light source. The purpose seems clear — some plants are more light-demanding, while others must be kept in the dark. Now you need to put a lamp near the flower garden and pots with photophilous flowers themselves to her approach. For those who goes on a business trip or simply wants the house were plants, but do not want to care for them, the ideal device.

Toilets from Microsoft

Microsoft founder bill gates presented to the public a hi-tech toilet that can work without water and connect to sewer. And as a result fertilizer.

It would seem that we somewhere already saw. Comes to mind an ordinary village latrine. Here’s the humus, no connection to sewer and water use.

Dancing robot

Boston Dynamics took a very Groovy video with a robot. He dances to the music, and the version viewed a video “makes it better than many people.” Don’t know why you need this robot, but netizens love it. I want to see him dancing to some other music.

Glasses saving from advertising

If your eyes have not looked on the street is, the new glasses from scientists from the United States-you will definitely like. They just don’t pass the radiation from LCD displays. But with smartphones will have no problems. The new emission OLED device passes. Points the developers promise that they will go on sale next year. The cost will be $ 49.

The technology of blowing the soap bubbles

It turns out that the bubble can not only inflate. It really and literally “rip” from the frame on which it is formed. Scientists from the United States called the second method is more effective. This is a situation, when scientists really bother. Just not very clear why.

Rubik’s Cube 2.0
In Israel, updating of the famous Rubik’s cube. Now in addition to the toy itself will go even app. It will be able to write the moves in real time to show how the user turns the face. Say then you can even compete with friends who will collect puzzle. To achieve this effect has been built in the face of the cube sensors. It is they who will convey the information to your smartphone.


Apple announced the development of “smart blankets” iSheet. It will track heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature. Such a device will be indispensable for those who have health problems. If any of the data fails, the sensors located in the cover, call an ambulance.

Tank Renaissance

In Belarus, the craftsmen assembled the tank on sketches by Leonardo da Vinci. Got a very unusual unit, more like a UFO. It was needed for the film.

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