The smartphone will receive enhanced protection.

Corning presented a heavy-duty protective glass Gorilla Glass smartphones sixth generation. The new glass that will be used in the next generation of iPhones, can withstand up to 15 drops from a height of one meter. The previous model of safety glass could survive only seven drops.

When creating Gorilla Glass 6 special attention was paid to durability and reliability of glass. The Corning engineers managed to double the number of drops that are able to withstand the protective glass. Design features Gorilla Glass 6 are still kept secret. In Corning just saying that the basis of glass is a completely new material created in the company.

Heavy-duty protective Corning Gorilla glass 6 will begin to appear in smartphones in 2018. Apple uses glass for the first time only in iPhone sample 2019, according to analysts. However, the chances that the more durable the glass will appear in iPhone 9, iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Plus remain since Apple always works closely with Corning.

According to studies and polls, users drop their smartphones an average of seven times a year. The average drop height of one meter. 6 creating Gorilla Glass in Corning, the company relied on these data, trying to take the protective properties of the glass to a new level.

Source: MR.


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