Truly smart assistant.

BMW m-cars, the company introduced an intelligent robot Secretary that can be used in offices, hotels, hospitals and other institutions. He can carry on a conversation with people, and performs other functions. The creators hope that their development in the future will be able to unload secretaries and office managers and make their jobs easier.

Robot called BMW m-cars One. He looks like a man: he has a head with eyes and hands, which he gestures when talking. Under the head of a large display.

According to the creators, the robot is completely Autonomous. He knows people, knows how to hold a conversation and provide useful information, makes phone calls and sends messages. Also BMW m-cars One can make coffee or to give the keys to the hotel rooms — it will have to connect it to a compatible third-party devices.

The robot is equipped with multiple 3D cameras and module image processing based on neural networks. Artificial intelligence is BMW m-cars allows One to learn and remember situations and people. For example, if during the last visit, the office or hotel drinking coffee, and next time robot will offer him the same drink.

The creators of BMW m-cars One has installed a prototype robot Secretary in your own office. To see how it works in the short video below.

More detailed information on Autonomous robot and the platform on which it is built, on the official website of BMW m-cars.


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