While users discuss the rumors regarding the iPhone 2019 model year, designers are already thinking about the next generation of Apple smartphones. For example, the popular channel that Demonstrates a new concept for a fully edge-to-edge iPhone screen concept literally comes on the side edge of the device.

The designer, who created a new smartphone concept, I am sure that the cupertinos is time to radically change the appearance of the iPhone. And it needs not only to expand the display on the side, but to completely abandon the physical buttons and connectors on the housing. For charging iPhone, the author proposes to use the new wireless charging from Apple.

We should also mention the screen. Not only is he bent on a side face of the device, but devoid of the characteristic “Bang”. Earpiece and camera is integrated in the display and are practically invisible on the background of the screen itself. In addition, the designer believes that the cupertinos have to modify iOS by adding special widgets.

It is difficult to say how much will the iPhone next year. However, Apple is unlikely to be solved so much to change their smartphones. So at the moment of decision presented in the new concept looks too futuristic.


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