Looks original.

According to insiders, in 2020, Apple should expect a truly massive upgrade iPhone. However, it is possible that the falling sales of Apple hurry up and release a “reimagined” iPhone this fall. Today, designers from the Studio Demonstrates introduced the concept of a possible design of the iPhone X2, which was really unusual.

In the view of designers, Apple has to create iPhone X2 with the original slider design. As planned, the phone can move, allowing open access to the front camera. Moreover, the designers have provided a sliding part and on the rear surface of the housing. It will allow to equip the iPhone X2 very large number of cameras, while not ruining the design. Given that the appearance of the iPhone XI with a triple camera many disappointed, such a design is quite good out of the situation.

The designers also recalled the recent forecast from respected analysts that Apple intends to bring a fingerprint scanner in the iPhone. In the conceptual iPhone X2 built right into the Apple logo on the back of the housing.

In General, users appreciated the concept, but most of them acknowledged that to expect such major changes in iPhone’s design, perhaps not. However, hope for a powerful redesign of the iPhone in the last time there was a very real one. A decent drop in iPhone sales will cause Apple to change something.

Source: YouTube.


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