Apple strained or not? Found.

Over the past few days, many Russian media staged a real attack on the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone. Smartphones called “the worst failure of the Apple”, which is supported by reports of serious problems flagships, discovered during the first two weeks after the start of sales. Does the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is bad? Fortunately, it is not.

The media dramatize

Some Russian media exaggerate when they write about the problems with the iPhone. This week has been released dozens of news that every iPhone XS iPhone XS Max defective displays. In fact, defective display, which was faded, there was only one. The owner of this iPhone XS happily exchanged it for a new smartphone without marriage right on the day of purchase. He spoke about his unusual case in the Internet, where journalists immediately picked up infopovod and inflated it to the status of “elephant.”

Then “yellow” mass-media began to declare that the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max “EN masse surrender their smartphones back Apple.” A few users out of hundreds of thousands of buyers are actually returned to their smartphones, as it became known from the official forum of Apple. And on the forum they mentioned that the reason for the return was unusual management or too large size of the smartphone case iPhone XS Max. About any mass return of speech, of course, is not.

It happens every year

For those who regularly follow the news from the world of Apple these attacks from the press are nothing new. Moreover, such statements about the “failure of the ordinary Apple” is not regarded seriously. And very right.

Every year the “yellow” media describe any, even the most minimal problem of the new iPhone as mass. Last year anniversary iPhone X, according to the version of unfair press, almost exploded each of the first buyer.

Neither last year nor this, with the new iPhone, there are no global problems. Apple has turned another stable and trouble-free launch of new smartphones.

We are not saying that the new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max perfect. They can be much to blame, at least for their extremely high prices. But when it comes to the quality of the devices, here the actual claims to smartphones not. How would not I, “jeltushnosti”.


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