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iPhone X continues to become cheaper in the Russian market. Today on the Internet site Tmall price iPhone X with 64 GB of memory, and the official Russian guarantee fell to the lowest level among leading retailers. Price iPhone X dipped by 7 thousand compared to the largest authorized partners of Apple in Russia.

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Tmall has reduced the price of the new iPhone X with 64 GB of memory out of any of the shares. The iPhone X 64GB just dropped to 56 990 rubles, and on the page of the smartphone does not indicate that the device is made off. This may mean that Tmall has reduced the price of iPhone X on a permanent basis.

For comparison, from authorized retailers Apple iPhone X with 64 GB of memory is considerably more expensive. The smartphone can be purchased for 63 990 rubles, 7 thousand rubles more than in Tmall. The difference is really big, given that Tmall sells official PCT-iPhone X with full warranty in Russia.

Previously, Tmall did a nice discount on other iPhone models as part of the sale “of the February extravaganza”.


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