Already a classic for Apple.

Apple will offer customers the opportunity to use their new TV service only a few months after the presentation. The announcement “Netflix Apple” to be held at the presentation on March 25, but customer service will only be available in the summer or even autumn, according to trusted source Variety.

During the reign of Tim cook Apple has repeatedly announced new services or devices well before the actual launch. The biggest unfinished company is a Mat for wireless charging AirPower. The device was officially presented in September 2017, but it’s still not on sale.

New TV service by Apple, which will allow you to view movies, series and TV shows, will also be launched a few months after the presentation. According to sources Bloomberg, Apple will unveil the service at the presentation on March 25. But for users of the new product will be available in the summer or fall of 2019.

New TV, Apple will offer users of the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV viewing of the content for absolutely free. To unlock the full content you will need to apply for a paid subscription. Its cost currently unknown. It is expected that in Russia the subscription fee of the TV service Apple will be much less than in most other countries, similar to Apple Music.

Source: Variety.


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