Rumors that famous Apple is working on a project to establish a vehicle through the Internet is not the first year. Network users it is known as the “Apple Car”.

And recently, POPs up information that is not Apple is working on cars, and on the creation of a utility van on full electric.

Supposedly these vans have not once seen on German roads. It is also reported that these machines in your design had a black and silver elements.

Speaking on the subject, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the “Apple Car” most likely the General public will show not earlier 2023-25 gg

As we know, Apple’s Project Titan was originally conceived as a project development vehicle. Later, the vector of activities of this project has shifted to systems of Autonomous driving.

But in December of last year Apple hires Andrew Kim, who previously led design projects Tesla. So the rumors did not arise out of the blue.

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