Case 6.1-inch iPhone 9 is going to be thicker than the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. This follows from the content of the review of prototypes of future smartphones, shot by leading YouTube channel DetroitBORG. The video demonstrates new products in all their glory, re-affirming their key features.

In addition to the increased thickness of the housing and the single main camera module, the iPhone 9 will have to have a LCD display that is visible to the naked eye, and the lighter hull than the iPhone X. she And the other features of the smartphone noticeable in direct comparison with the iPhone X and X Plus.

iPhone with two SIM-cards

Interestingly, the slot for the SIM card on the body of “nine” is much lower than the other models. There is speculation that it has something to do with the characteristics of the LCD matrix, which requires much more attention when installing, than “organic”. According to another version, Apple had to shift the connector to fit in the housing two SIM cards.

Available iPhone 9

Using the LCD-matrix has also reflected on the exterior of the smartphone. In direct comparison iPhone 9 iPhone X or X Plus is noticeable that the frame around the display is “nine” about half to two times thicker. Apparently, Apple never got to reduce their thickness by the use of the backlight of a new generation from Japanese suppliers.

iPhone X Plus

iPhone X Plus, which also became the hero of the video, DetroitBORG, was not so remarkable. Externally, the model is 100% copy iPhone X, differing except in size. In direct comparison iPhone and iPhone Plus X 8 Plus it emerged that the smartphones are identical in height, which will definitely please fans the most efficient use of space.


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