Very promising.

Ford has revealed the first image of the electric crossover, which have been inspired by the range of the Mustang. What specific car manufacturer is preparing us we don’t know characteristics yet kept secret.

Judging by the picture, which was noticed by the Ford Motor Company blog on Medium, the new model will inherit the style of the muscle car Ford. The similarity with the Mustang line confirms the characteristic shape of the rear body and lights. Nothing but render we have, so accurate predictions about the design features of the car to do yet.

Capacity of battery packs and detailed specifications of the machine are unknown. This information Ford certainly try to keep secret before the announcement. We only know that on one charge the electric car can travel about 480 kilometers, and the estimated release date of 2020.

The development of the car deals with a new team within the company — the Edison Ford Team. It was formed from experienced engineers who will design the electrical model for Ford and Lincoln.

This week the concept of the electric car of the future presented by Volvo. Volvo 360s — electric drone that, according to the manufacturer, will be able to replace airplanes when traveling for short distances.

Source: Medium


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