Qualcomm accuses Apple of stealing commercial information

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Moscow, September 26 “News. Economy” chip maker accuses the company, which it supplied the components, the theft of information to support Intel.

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Qualcomm, which supplies components for Apple products, has accused the partner in the theft of commercial information to support the competitor ciminera, the IT giant Intel.

Qualcomm General counsel Donald Rosenberg said on CNBC that Apple stole “a huge amount” of confidential business information and has helped Intel to improve the characteristics of manufactured chips.

“Illegal use of valuable commercial information Qualcomm in an attempt to help the competitor to improve their products causing irreparable damage and must be stopped,” said Rosenberg CNBC, providing, however, no evidence to say.

The dispute between Qualcomm and Apple began in 2017. The chip maker claimed a violation of the company’s patents in the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. the Company requires a judicial ban on the sale of these devices and the payment of compensation for damage caused by Apple.

However, Apple’s response requires that the ITC revoked the patents Qualcomm, appearing in the proceedings. And the argument against the blocking of iPhone sales with the chips of Intel Corporation points to the fact that if you win in court, Qualcomm will become a monopolist in the U.S. market mobile modems and squeeze Intel from this market.

In June of this year, the consumer group, who spoke at the hearing supported the position of the Apple by insisting that the court ruled Qualcomm to demand restrictions on the import of Apple products with Intel components.

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