For about two years, Apple and Qualcomm are unable to resolve their disputes. Companies are exchanging claims and lawsuits. In particular, recently it became known that Qualcomm has accused Apple of stealing commercial information. Moreover, the chip maker sure that the cupertinos have taken such a step to help Intel.

Representatives of Qualcomm claim that they have evidence of repeated leaking of confidential data from Apple to Intel. According to Donald Rosenberg, cupertinos passed the engineers of a competing company source code and some other information. The head of Qualcomm’m sure this was done in order to help Intel to reduce the technological gap.

It is worth noting that Qualcomm is not the first time accuses Apple of dissemination of confidential data. The first such lawsuit the chip maker filed in November 2017. It is expected that the new charges will be simply added to an already existing business.

Representatives for Apple and Intel declined to comment on the statements made by the representatives of Qualcomm.


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