Moscow, March 4 — “News. Economy.” Qualcomm Inc, the world’s largest chip maker, filed in a Federal court in San Diego (USA), saying that Apple violated three of its patents, and demanded tens of millions of dollars in compensation, reports Reuters.


The patent dispute is part of a two-year series of trials around the world between the companies. Apple claims that Qualcomm is engaged in illegal patent practices to protect their dominant position in the chip market. Qualcomm, in turn, has accused Apple of using its technology without compensation.

As reported “Vesti. Economy”, the dispute between Qualcomm and Apple began in 2017. The chip maker claimed a violation of its patents in the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. the Company demanded a judicial ban on the sale of these devices and the payment of compensation for damage caused by Apple.

Apple, in response, demanded that the Qualcomm patents that are the subject of litigation, were annulled. The iPhone maker argued that if you win in court, Qualcomm will become a monopolist in the U.S. market mobile modems and squeeze Intel from this market.

Qualcomm stresses that without its patented communication technologies and multimedia modern smartphone, in principle, impossible. That’s what the company explains the demand (by all manufacturers, except Apple) to pay her royalties for patents 3G and 4G in the size fraction of the price sold smartphone.

Apple believes that the chip maker is thus a parasite on its smartphone innovations and would be a fair deduction based on the cost of the purchased modems.

The proceedings will culminate in April when a lawsuit filed by Apple in early 2017, will be considered in court.

Qualcomm claims damages of up to $1,41 for every iPhone sold in the period from mid-2017 to autumn 2018, in violation of the patent.

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