TALLINN, 24 Jan — Sputnik. Speaking at the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos, Prime Minister of Estonia jüri Ratas presented to the world leaders of the Estonian digital possibilities of the state and told how to use them to increase the competitiveness of Europe, the press service of the government.

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According to him, the creation of digital companies begins with quality education. The next step is to ensure a favourable business environment that will foster innovation.

“Our legislation needs to keep pace with technological advances,” said Ratas.

Europe, in his opinion, should pay attention to the history of the “digital” success of Estonia and other countries in order to develop a common internal market and strengthen the competitiveness of the region. “In times of rapid technological change we need to better use our strengths, common values and cross-border cooperation”, — said the head of the Estonian government.

For best performance, the market for digital services in Europe should, in his words, to create a secure digital ID card, to work together to address cyber threats and to support the free movement of data across borders.

Taking this opportunity, the Prime Minister of Estonia did not miss the opportunity to tell of the successes his country has made in the creation of digital companies. “We use digital identification not only for electronic signing of documents, but also when filing a tax return, vote in elections, using an Internet banking environment and buying drugs,” said Ratas.

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He also talked about the possibilities of e-residency, which gave the opportunity to entrepreneurs from all over the world to use the Estonian state e-services. According to him, the map e-resident of Estonia to date have received more than 50 thousand people from 168 countries, and their number is growing.

The theme of information technology has also become key in the meetings of Ratas with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, President of Colombia and head of Paraguay. Estonian Prime Minister also discussed the strengthening of cooperation with the heads of companies like Apple, Uber Technologies, Booking.com and Ericssoni and head of the center for cybersecurity WEF.

As they wrote in Sputnik Estonia, in Davos, Switzerland opened the world economic forum, which will conclude on Friday, January 25. The main theme of the event, which involved Estonian Prime Minister, were the issues of globalization the fourth industrial revolution.

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