The best texts “sobakawa” you can now listen: we launched the weekly podcast the “Text of the week”. Podcasts are regular audioshow that you can listen on any platform, for example, while you ride the subway, stand in traffic or making dinner. This week in audio format came out text “the Cross, Violas, Sobolev and Usachev — about the evolution of humour in Russia”

Previous episodes can be streamed online or downloaded on the service Podfm podcast. If you have an Apple device, search, and listen to our podcast (and even to rate it and write reviews!) need in the Apple Podcasts. Android users can search “Text of the week” recently launched in Russia, Google Podcasts, the player is Overcast or Castbox. And podcasts “sobakawa” you can listen in “Vkontakte”.

Previously, we announced the most read articles of 2018 together with the application Kiozk. There are 11 audio recordings, among which are an interview hero the January issue of the Color of Lalapasa, rules of life, Sergey Bodrov and jokes of the best comedians of the year. Listen to it all here (only available with mobile devices).

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