Google has released a new version of the Chrome browser 74 for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. The main new feature of this release is recognized as a dark theme, which is now available in the Windows operating system.

Recall that the Mac OS has already managed to try out dark mode Chrome 73, released in mid-March, provided the opportunity to change the browser theme along with the main design of Apple’s operating system.

Now the same principle can be implemented in Windows. However, there is a disadvantage — will not change only the theme of the browser — as in macOS, you will have to activate the “dark mode” in OS.

In addition, Google has removed in Chrome 39 security problems of varying severity. Also, the Internet giant has blocked numerous features that were used in advertising campaigns — the uploading of files from the variable s in the sandbox and the ability of websites to open a new tab when you try to close the old one.

Android users rejoice new “Lite mode”, which replaced “Data Saver”. There is currently no information regarding the “Lite mode”, but Google promises to provide it.

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