Lada Connect already on sale.

AvtoVAZ started sales of the new fancy remote control car using a smartphone. Development with the name Lada Connect enables the owner to track the car online and manage many of its functions. While the system Lada Connect went on sale only to Lada Vesta.

Lada Connect includes a telematic system, which gives the car owner a number of new features. With Lada you can Connect directly from your smartphone to start and stop the engine, open and lock the car, to check whether doors are closed, to send a request to the alarms and many more.

In a special Supplement Lada Connect you can configure the activation of many functions. For example, the car owner can configure automatic startup of the engine when the temperature drops below a certain level at a specified time.

Also Connect the Lada is equipped with a system for evaluating the driving. She monitors the car’s behavior on the road and based on the findings advises on how to drive in such a way as to reduce fuel consumption. All the tips and vehicle data is sent to the app on the smartphone in real time. In addition, the application collects statistics from the history of the routes, ending with details on the technical condition of the car.

Prices of Lada Connect — 29 990 rubles. The acquisition systems are already available on the official website of Lada.

Source: Lada.


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